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All emails will be sent directly to a personal assistant. Not all messages will be seen by Morgan Berry. This contact form is strictly for business inquiries and for questions that may not be answered in the FAQ's below. 
If you are a fan with a casual question or comment, you can tag Morgan on Twitter @TheMorganBerry
[Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to receive a response]


Business Inquiries Only

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Frequently Asked Questions

( FAQ's )

- Appearances -

Q: "I want to meet you! Can you come to THIS convention?"

A:  I would love to! Click HERE for more details!

- Fan Mail -

Q: "I want to send you something! How do I do that?"

A: For packages or letters, please send to the address below.
(All packages and letters are handled by Morgan's manager and undergo a strict review process, thus there is the possibility that a message may not be forwarded to Morgan if it is not deemed appropriate)

ATTN: Morgan Berry

1812 W Burbank Blvd

#142 Burbank, CA 91506



Q: "Can I send you an item for you to autograph for me?"

A: If you would like Morgan to autograph a personal item that you are providing, then here are the instructions you must follow:

1. For each item you are sending to Morgan for her to autograph, each signature is $30 per item. That payment can be sent to Morgan through this provided link, and please make sure to specify in the note what the payment is for: 

2. In the package, make sure to have a note with detailed instructions. Please specify which items you want signed and WHERE on the items you would like Morgan to sign (if you have a preference).

3. Feel free to send certain colored permanent markers with the package if you want Morgan to use special colors for autographing your items. Please specify exactly what you want for each item you are having signed (the markers will be mailed back to you with the signed items). (if you are sending permanent markers in the package, please make sure to test them beforehand to make sure they work properly).


4. Then mail your items to the address listed above.


- Click HERE for Morgan's Wish List if you would like to send her items for holidays and special occasions.



- Donations -

Q: "What are some ways I can help financially support your music?"

A: Click any option below:

Send a random donation

> Buy something from Morgan's store


- Voice Acting or Singing -

Q: "Can you voice in my project?"
A:  Requirements:

1. Morgan can only accept paid work.

2. Full compensation must be sent prior to recording. Details will be given after further discussions. Contact Morgan HERE to start discussing rates and contracts.

3. Morgan can not accept work in fan-dubs.

- Casting / Directing -

Q: "Can you help me cast or direct my project?"
A:  Yes! I would love to help you with your project! Click HERE for more details.

- Interviews -

Q: "Can I interview you?"
A:  Here are the requirements:

To schedule an interview with Morgan, please click here. The fee for this call is $30 (payment details will be sent upon scheduling). The total payment must be sent prior to the recording and/or filming of the interview. The call will be conducted through Zoom. All questions must be sent to Morgan for approved at least 2 days prior to the scheduled recording and/or filming date, and please make sure to state whether the interview will be on-camera or audio only. The interview must not exceed 45 minutes in length (this includes prep time). In addition, Morgan must approve all images that will be used for promotion, and the finished interview must be sent to Morgan for approval before it is released to the public.

Q: "How can I become a voice actor?"
A: I get this question quite often and the answer is fairly simple. You have to be an actor if you want to get into voice acting. Take acting classes and acting workshops. Get involved with your school's theatre department or local theatre. Build your acting resume and grow in the art. Make sure you truly have a love for acting before you start pursuing this as a career.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Click HERE for more info!


Q: "How can I get a job at Funimation / Crunchyroll?"
A: ((please keep in mind that being a voice actor and being an employee are two different job titles. Just because I voice act in anime does not make me an employee for the company. It makes me a contracted actor. Being a voice actor and being an employee are NOT the same thing.))

If you want to be an employee at FUNimation / Crunchyroll, you can check out their job listings here:




Q: "What anime shows / movies / video games are you in?"


Q: "What recording equipment do you use?"

A: I have a TLM 103 Neumann microphone and an Apollo Twin interface. For my audio editing software I use Logic Pro.


Music / YouTube Questions


Q: "Can I use your music in a video or movie?"

A: Sure! Just as long as you give me proper credit and don't alter my music in any way. (please DO NOT make "nightcore" edits of my music. I do not condone my music being altered in any way. If you refuse to comply, legal action will be taken)

Q: "Can I use your music for an animatic or AMV?"

A: Sure! Just as long as you give me proper credit and don't alter my music in any way. (please DO NOT make "nightcore" edits of my music. I do not condone my music being altered in any way. If you refuse to comply, legal action will be taken)

Q: "Can I post your music or song cover?"

A: Please read this very carefully: There's a RIGHT way to do this, and a WRONG way to do this... YES you can share my music or song cover YouTube URL links anywhere you would like. And YES you can use my music in a YouTube video if you give me credit. HOWEVER, you are not allowed to repost my music or song covers. That means you are not allowed to upload them on SoundCloud, Facebook, Tumblr, etc... ~ If you want to share my music, please just post the song's YouTube link (from my YouTube: Don't upload my music on any website. If you go against my wishes, legal action will be taken. ~ Thanks!

Q: "Do you take song requests?"

A: I do not currently take song requests.

Q: "Can you write song lyric adaptions or original lyrics for me?"

A: Yes I can. To commission me for work, please email me through this website's contact form with further details. Please be aware that I do not accept unpaid work.

Q: "Can I make a nightcore version of your music or song cover?"

A: NO. PLEASE DONT. Under no circumstances are you to edit and repost my music or song covers. I will not tolerate someone speeding up or slowing down the speed of my music and then reposting it. If you do this, legal action will be taken.

Q: "What recording equipment do you use?"

A: I have a TLM 103 Neumann microphone and an Apollo Twin interface. For my audio editing software I use ProTools.

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