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Navigating the industry is an art in itself

This is a beginner level voice-over class focusing on animation VO, anime dubbing, and video game VO. These online private coaching sessions provide a chance to learn more about the voice-over industry, studios, and the business of acting with your voice!

Here is what these private coaching sessions can offer:

1. Career Mentoring: Learn how to navigate the voice-over industry, specifically for character voice-work in animation, anime dubbing, and video games. We will discuss the voice-over market's current trends, and the common misconceptions of this business.

2. Performance Critique: Practice professional voice-over audition methods, receive vocal direction, and get critique from industry professionals. We will also discuss the difference in performance techniques for various forms of voice-over and what makes each genre different.

3. Marketing: Learn how to properly market yourself, discover what social media can do for your business, and get step-by-step help in creating your brand. Receive current information about voice-over demo reels and get professional advice to help launch your VO career!


These virtual classes will be conducted through www.zoom.us


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If you do not receive a confirmation email after scheduling a session, it is possible that you entered your email address incorrectly when filling out the form. Please contact Morgan HERE if you have any questions.

What qualifies me to be teaching? I'm glad you asked!

It's important to learn from voice-over professionals who specialize in the area of voice-over that you want to pursue, whether that's animation, video games, commercial, promo, narration, audiobooks, industrial, e-learning, etc... It's also important that you're not getting incorrect advice from amateurs or learning outdated information from someone who doesn't work consistently in the professional industry anymore. Searching someone's IMDb profile is a great way to check for a coach's recent animation or video game credits, whether they're a voice actor, casting director, or voice director! Click here for a list of my many voice acting credits and a list of the various companies and clients I have done voice-over work for. I have 17+ years acting experience, and have trained with many of the most successful voice actors and directors in the voice-over business. My main voice-over expertise is anime dubbing and video game voice-over. I have been working in this particular area of the VO industry consistently for 8 years now. ~ I always recommend that people branch out and learn from more than one teacher. I encourage you to take multiple classes, workshops, private coaching lessons, and learn from as many industry professionals as you can. There are so many resources available to you, but please be aware that there are also many scams, and I hope I can help you to avoid those before it's too late. Before you spend your money on a class, workshop, or private coaching lesson, always do your research on the teacher/coach. And if you care for my professional opinion and want to know whether or not that teacher is legit, please feel free to contact me HERE and ask me any questions you would like. I will help in any way I can.