Voice Acting

Industry Classes

Navigating the industry is an art in itself

This is not an acting technique class.

This class provides a chance to learn more about the voice-over industry, studios, and the business of acting with your voice!

Here is what we offer in our classes:

1. Learn some of the "do's and don'ts" of the professional VO industry.

2. Practice professional voice-over audition methods.

3. Learn marketing strategies that aren't tacky.

4. Receive vocal direction and get critique from multiple industry professionals.

5. Get insider knowledge of how the VO industry actually works.

6. We'll discuss the difference in performance techniques for different forms of VO.

7. Learn the common misconceptions of the industry.

8. Learn the "red-flags" of the industry and what to avoid to protect yourself.

9. Receive solid information about voice-over demo reels.

10. Get VO teacher/coach recommendations and learn how to avoid the scams.

11. Learn what VO coaches DON'T teach you in class.

12. You'll have an opportunity to get professional advice to help launch your VO career!




Contact me here and we'll schedule a day!

How Much:


What qualifies me to be teaching? I'm glad you asked!

Click here for a list of my many voice acting credits and a list of the various companies and clients I have done voice-over work for. I have 17+ years acting experience, and have trained with many of the most successful voice actors and directors in the voice-over business. My main voice-over expertise is anime dubbing and video game voice-over. I have been working in this particular area of the VO industry consistently and professionally for 7 years now, which is why that is the area of the industry we will be focusing on in these classes. Full transparency: I also have experience with live-action ADR, MoCap, Commercial VO, Promos, and Looping, but I will only ever teach classes on areas of the VO industry that I feel I am absolutely qualified to teach on.

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