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Casting & Directing

Whether you need voice actors for your project and require casting resources, or you need a professional voice director to direct your actors, I can handle either job, or both! I specialize in character voice acting and can help bring your story to life! ~ I have a diverse talent roster of professional voice actors and I have years of experience with casting and directing various on-stage productions and voice-over titles. Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get started!

Voice Actor Database

I have a large and diverse voice actor database and offer a wide variety of vocal talent for you to choose from! Many of which are professional voice actors from popular video games and anime titles.

Save Time

Save time by letting me handle the voice-over process. For casting, I can create character audition sides, send them out to the voice-over industry's top-talent, help to cast the actors best suited for each role in order to deliver your vision for the project, and I can handle scheduling each actor for live-directed sessions. I can handle the entire audition communication process with the voice actors so all you have to worry about is choosing the top submissions!


I am a working professional in the voice acting industry and know the current voice-over market trends. I have knowledge of the standard industry rates and can easily help you make decisions based on your project’s budget.

Voice Direction

To bring your vision to life and to make sure each actor delivers a worthy performance, you will need a professional voice director on the job. I have years of on-stage, on-camera and voice acting experience, as well as on-stage directing experience. I have worked with various clients including Disney, Nintendo, Cartoon Network / Adult Swim, SEGA, Square-Enix, Gearbox Software, Funimation/Crunchyroll, and many more…



I am a LGBTQ+ Gender-Fluid voice actor, casting director, and voice director in Los Angeles, dedicated to diverse and inclusive voice-over casting. I am a highly focused and creative casting director with an ear for matching voice talent with the appropriate character archetypes according to the current industry trends, continuing to build industry contacts and keep up-to-date on talent and influencers. I have voiced for over 200 dubbing projects for various overseas animation companies and dubbing studios, working primarily on anime television series and films. I have a strong background in managing talent, experience working directly with studios and production companies, and a vast knowledge of dubbing material. I am adept in reviewing submissions, maintaining files, and keeping up with pop culture trends. I have a large and diverse voice actor database, a strong familiarity with the dubbing process, knowledge of the industry standards, and a base understanding of SAG-AFTRA rules and regulations needed for casting top talent.




Casting Director & Voice Director
Various Companies
Jan. 2021-present 📍Los Angeles, CA
● Provided a diverse talent pool and facilitated the entire audition process alongside the client.
● Drafted audition material and distributed those sides to all of the talent.
● Collected and organized hundreds of audition files for review to ensure high quality talent and audio.
● Communicated all submission requirements to the talent throughout the entire casting process.

● Gave professional voice direction to the actors in order to deliver the client's vision.

● Fully handled all of the scheduling for the actor recording sessions.
● Created production schedules for the talent recording sessions and tracked talent availability to help maintain the casting calendar.

Voice Actor
June 2014-present 📍Los Angeles, CA
● Voiced in over 200 dubbed anime titles and dozens of AAA video games.
● Experience working with various dubbing companies across the US.
● Involved in various titles currently airing on television and streaming online.
● Clients include: Disney, Nintendo, Cartoon Network / Adult Swim, Square Enix, SEGA, Netflix, Gearbox Software, Hi-Rez Studios, Crunchyroll / Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, and many more.

Casting Director & Production Director
Christian Performing Arts Center
May 2010-Jan 2014 📍Dallas, TX
● Oversaw every aspect of the production process.
● I have experience working with and directing kids ranging from the ages of 5-17.
● I cast for every on-stage production and directed the musical numbers.




● Strong relationships with the voice acting community  ● Networking ● Organized ● Attention to detail

I would love to work with you!
Feel free to message me HERE if you have any questions.

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