Casting & Directing

Got a project you need to cast? I can help you with that!

If you need someone to help cast or direct voice actors for your project, I can help you with various types of projects including web series, indie games, and whatever type of project you want to bring to life. I have an extensive talent roster and experience with casting and directing various on-stage productions and small voice-over titles. Just use the contact form on this page to get started! Scroll below for more information.


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Why hire a casting director?


Voice Actor Database:

I have a large voice actor database and offer a wide variety of vocal talent for you to choose from! Many of which are big-name professional voice actors from popular video games and anime titles.


Save time:

Save time and let me handle the voice-over side of your job! I will send out the auditions and give you my top picks so that you don’t have to go through hundreds of voice submissions. I can handle the entire audition communication process with the voice actors so all you have to worry about is choosing the top submissions!



I am a working professional in the voice acting industry. I understand the current market. I have knowledge of the standard industry rates and can easily help you make decisions based on your project’s budget.


Voice Director:

To bring your vision to life and to make sure each actor delivers a worthy performance, you will need a professional voice director on the job. I have years of on-stage, on-camera and voice acting experience, as well as on-stage directing experience. I have worked with various clients including Disney, Nintendo, Cartoon Network / Adult Swim, SEGA, Square-Enix, Gearbox Software, Funimation, Sanrio, and many more…


If you want professional voice-over for your project, a voice director is a must-have.