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Fanmail and Autographed Items

Question: "I want to send you something! How do I do that?"

Answer: For packages or letters, please send to the address below:

ATTN: Morgan Berry

1812 W Burbank Blvd

#142 Burbank, CA 91506



Question: "Can I send you an item for you to autograph for me?"

Answer: If you would like Morgan to autograph a personal item that you are providing, then here are the instructions you must follow:

1. For each personal item you are sending to Morgan for her to autograph, each signature is $15 per item.

2. Message Morgan HERE to discuss details and to let her know you will be sending items for her to autograph for you.

3. In the message, please specify which items you want signed and WHERE on the items you would like Morgan to sign (if you have a preference).

4. Feel free to send certain colored permanent markers with the package if you want Morgan to use special colors for autographing your items. Please specify exactly what you want for each item you are having signed (the markers will be mailed back to you with the signed items). (if you are sending permanent markers in the package, please make sure to test them beforehand to make sure they work properly).


5. You must make the proper payment amount to Morgan before she can sign your items. The cost is $15 per item signed. You can make the total payment to Morgan through PayPal. Her PayPal information will be given after the discussions are made.


6. Mail your items to the address listed above.


- Click HERE for Morgan's Wish List if you would like to send her items for holidays and special occasions.

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