Morgan Berry is a professional voice actor and singer; best known for her voice roles in various anime television series, films, video games, and web series. Some of her most notable roles being in "My Hero Academia", "Pokemon: Twilight Wings", "Dragon Ball Super", "Fire Emblem Heroes", "Miraculous Ladybug", "Borderlands 3", "Marvel Avengers Academy", "One Piece", "The Rising of the Shield Hero", "Cells at Work", "Overlord", "Fruits Basket", "Megalo Box", "A Certain Magical Index", "Sword Art Online: Gun Gale", "Free!", "Touken Ranbu", "Hyperdimension Neptunia", "Riddle Story of Devil", "ēlDLIVE", "Smite", "Senran Kagura", "Kemono Friends", the award winning film "The Boy and the Beast", Team Four Star’s "Final Fantasy VII: Machinabrgidged", ScrewAttack’s "Death Battle" as the Yellow Power Ranger, and many more... In addition to acting, Morgan is a professional recording artist and YouTube Personality under the name "The Unknown Songbird" with over 8 million views in total. As a professional singer, Morgan has performed at many prolific arenas including the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Toyota Center, the American Airlines Center, and Bass Hall.

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Before pursuing  voice-over, Morgan's training as an actor began in 2004 with school theater, eventually joining a local performing arts program in 2007 where she began her vocal and dance training, as well as on-camera acting work. She went on to study the art of voice acting at KD Studio in 2014, and not too long after started voice acting at FUNimation that same year.


In 2008 Morgan sang her first lead solo at Bass Hall, quickly working her way up at the Christian Performing Arts Center. In 2009, Morgan joined the company's professional performing group as one of the lead singers. She then became one of the company's acting, dance, and choir teachers, also serving as a stage director, casting director, and occasionally a stage manager. Loving every aspect of the performing arts, she later left that company in the beginning of 2014 to become a solo artist and to further her acting career.


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