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Instructions & Guidelines:

Project Title

(the name of your project, if applicable)


Project Type

(Examples: Animation, Video Game, Audio Drama, Fan Dub, Commercial, Web Series, etc...)



- Please list either "Paying" or "Non-Paying" (whether the person/people who book this project will be paid or not)

- If this is a paying project, please specify the compensation type:

- Examples: "$100 per hour", "$10 per line", "50 cents per word", "$200 flat rate", etc...


Vocal Genders Needed

- Please specify what genders are needed for this project.

- Example: Male VO, Female VO, Androgynous VO, Non-binary VO, Male & Female VO, etc...

Audition Due Date

(when does the deadline for submissions end?)


If necessary, make sure you specify whether this project is NSFW or safe for all ages.


Project Summary:

Tell us about your project. What’s the story you’re trying to tell? (please keep this brief)

Audition Material:

((We strongly recommend sorting all of the audition lines and character / role information into a GoogleDoc or PDF file and then posting that link or file in this section, rather than typing it all out in your post))

- Directions: List out each role you're holding auditions for (with art of the characters if applicable), along with the audition script for each role, and tell us exactly what you're looking for vocally with each role.

- Example: “This character is an 85 year old woman. We would like her to have a deep and husky tone of voice. She is apathetic in character due to the trauma she experienced as a child, so we would like her to sound apathetic when she speaks."

Recording Days

What days/weeks should the actor be available to record for this project? Will this be an ongoing long-term project?

Submission Details:

How should the actors submit their auditions?

(Email, WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive link, etc...)

Proof of Concept:

(Concept art, trailers, scripts, link to the project material, etc...)

- If applicable


What do you require from the actors?


- “Must have decent home recording setup with no background noise”

- “Please record in mono and save in .wav or .mp3 format”

- “Must have Skype or Source Connect”

- “Must be available during this week of recording...”