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Project Summary

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Submission Details & Requirements:

Instructions & Guidelines:

Project Title

(the name of the project, if applicable)


Client / Company

(please either list the creator/company in charge of this project, or post a link to credit the creator)

Project Type

(Examples: Animation, Video Game, Audio Drama, Fan Dub, Commercial, Web Series, etc...)



- Please list either "Paying" or "Non-Paying" (whether the person/people who book this project will be paid or not)

- If this is a paying project, please specify the compensation type:

- Examples: "$100 per hour", "$10 per line", "50 cents per word", "$200 flat rate", etc...

Voice Role Details

If necessary, please specify the role details: gender, age, race, full script line-count, etc...
- Examples:
Male (age 30, Asian, Line Count: 50)
Female (age 16, Latina, Line Count: 35)

Non-binary (age 50, White, Line Count: 100)

Location / Remote:

- Will the actors be required to record in a certain state or remotely?
- Examples: “Must record in Los Angeles” or “Remote Recording”

- If recording in-studio at a specific location, please specify days in which recording will take place.

Audition Due Date

(when does the deadline for submissions end?)

Union Status:

Examples: Non-Union (NU), SAG-AFTRA, Equity, etc…

(if this project is not affiliated with a union, please put “Non-Union”)


(if applicable)

- Examples: Rated TV14, PG-13, R, etc…
- If necessary, make sure you specify whether this project is NSFW (contains mature content), or if it is safe for all ages.


Project Summary:

Tell us about your project. What’s the story you’re trying to tell? (please keep this brief)

Audition Material:

((We strongly recommend that you sort all of the audition lines and character / role information into a GoogleDoc, PDF file, Website page, or a Casting Call Club link, and then post that link or file in this section, rather than typing it all out in your post))
DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: List out each role you are holding auditions for, along with the audition script for each role. Please specify the role’s gender, age, race, vocal range, ect…

Proof of Concept:

(if applicable)

Concept art, trailers, link to the project material, project website, etc...

Submission Details & Requirements:
- Please list the contact Information.

- How should the actors submit their auditions? (Email, DropBox link, WeTransfer link, Google Drive link, etc…)
- What do you require from the actors?
- “Must have decent home recording studio setup. No background noise”
- Export audio files with a sample rate of 48k Hz and 24 bits.
- Record in mono and save your files in mp3 format
- Slate your name in the beginning of your audition
- Label your files as: “Character Name_Actor Name_Location”
- If you send multiple takes, split them into separate files and label them: “Character Name_Actor Name_Location_TakeNumber” (Example: Tokaku_Morgan Berry_LA_Take1)
- No more than two takes per character.
- Must have Skype and Source Connect
- Upload your files to this DropBox link: ______ 

If you have any questions, please contact Morgan HERE.