? “I’m new to voice-over. Where do I start?”


Here are some links with resources and advice to help get you started:








? “What are some good teachers / coaches?”


Crispin Freeman:


Richard Horvitz:


Erin Fitzgerald:


Debi Derryberry:


Dave Fennoy:


Voice Trax West Studio:


Class Act Dallas:


NOTE: For children, we recommend getting them started with beginner acting courses. Getting involved in a school theater department, audition at a local theater, training with local acting teachers, etc... Voice acting is ACTING, so the first step is having beginner acting training and learning the basics of the craft.

!!! WARNING !!!

If you see that a teacher, coach, or studio that you know of isn't on this list, it could either be that we do not know of their services, we do not know their services well enough to recommend them, or there's a very good reason they are not on this list... Please be careful when searching for a teacher! Even if they have some seemingly decent looking voice credits, that does not mean that they are qualified to teach! It could be detrimental to your career if you are being taught wrong or out-dated information. If you have any questions, please contact the admins through this Facebook Group’s messaging system.


? “Where can I find voice-over work?”


Here’s a list of websites to audition through:


- Casting Call Club


- Voice123


- Backstage


!!! WARNING !!!

You may hear people recommending Voices .com... We strongly recommend that you DO NOT use their services... Click this link to find out why:


? “Where can I get a demo reel produced?”

? “What should I know before making my demo reel?”


Click here for demo reel advice:

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